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ice bar production line


The ice cream quick-freezing tunnel is mainly desgined for mass production of special-shaped ice cream products in the frozen food industry. In addition to making all kinds of special-shaped ice cream, the production line can make various ice cream cones, double layer ice cream, horizontal extrusion and rotating ice cream, cake ice cream, etc. When equipped with robotic arms, it also has the function of dipping chocolate on the rod ice bars. After being equipped with freezing machine, robotic arms, and packaging machine, it forms a complete set of production lines from freezing extrusion, freezing and hardening, manipulator clamping, unloading, and automatic packaging machine packaging. Provides good hygiene conditions.

Max speed


Major params

Refrigeration capacity
58Kw 50000Calorie/hour

Water consumption


  • Tunnel temperature:-35℃
  • Conveying trays: 600pcs
  • Power load:15Kw
  • Weight:9Ton
  • Dimensions:10×2.6×2.88m