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We manufacture easy-to-use premade baggers, economical VFFS baggers, high-speed continuous motion vertical baggers and multi-lane bar packers. Our baggers integrate seamlessly with weighing and filling machines, infeed and outfeed equipment, metal detectors and X-ray systems, cartoners and case packers, and other automated packaging equipment. From cheese and coffee, to raw poultry and fresh vegetables, to pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements and more, fanfu machine has packaging solutions. Automated packaging machinery is a major investment. We believe you deserve a partner who will do everything in your power to bring your packaging ideas to life and provide the best ROI. Whatever you're wrapping, we'll find a way to make it happen. We like challenges. bring it on. Our Values ​​Our workplace culture is one of our greatest strengths. We live our values ​​every day and constantly seek to improve as we grow. teamwork. From sales and marketing to engineering to accounting and everything in between, cross-functional teamwork and open exchange of ideas are critical to a successful packaging machine project. Driven and Passionate. We follow established procedures while still recognizing that sometimes we need to think outside the box to create the best customer experience. We want our customers to see our passion and excitement for creating packaging solutions that help them do business better. Innovation. We use our extensive knowledge and talents to develop technologies that keep us ahead of the competition. We invest in R&D to develop new solutions to old problems. Ready to win. Like athletes, we are always pushing ourselves to do better and stay one step ahead. We celebrate our victory and move on to the next challenge.


Team spirit has increasingly become an important team culture factor, which requires a reasonable division of labor in the team, placing each member in a suitable position so that they can maximize their talents, and through perfect systems and supporting measures, All members form an organic whole and strive to achieve the goals of the team.


Success requires ability, passion, and perseverance. Among them, passion and perseverance are the inner driving force of a person. When there is a steady stream of motivation to support our actions, coupled with the improvement of ability and strategic persistence, I believe A golden road in the future


The spirit of innovation refers to the ability of thinking, the will, confidence, courage and wisdom to be able to comprehensively use the existing knowledge, information, skills and methods, to propose new methods and new ideas, and to invent, create, reform and innovate.


Let people be strict with themselves, dare to compete, be positive, diligent, and never dare to slack off. It is a great test to have the determination to fail and fail again and again. If you are not competitive and encounter difficulties, you will not be able to do your best. Competitiveness will improve your state, your eyes will be full of desire for victory, and your purpose will be very direct and clear, and you will not be half-hearted and distract yourself from concentration.

Our Future

Looking forward to the future, fanfu machine is proud to be a member of our automation machinery and equipment industry chain, and we promote the improvement of the automation industry system. Provide customers with better quality products and services, and promote industrial innovation.